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5 chill out garden furniture to make an impact

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There is no doubt that the good weather in this season of November 2022 in the Mediterranean climate never ends. Which becomes a very good excuse to go out and enjoy your garden to the full.

If there's one thing we love about the good weather, it's being outdoors. But to enjoy it, it is essential to have a cosy garden. In today's post, we propose you 5 spectacular chill out garden furniture to fill any room with life, personality and character. We will combine different styles that will give your room the touch it needs. Are you ready? Let's go!

Avant-garde chill out furniture!

aluminium furniture

A fresh and innovative approach. This is the new Bicolour Aluminium collection perfect for lovers of avant-garde style. A unique series in Europe made of hand-welded aluminium with handcrafted cushions resistant to stains and weathering.

Gardens in the city with style

If you like to spend long periods of time enjoying yourself... This aluminium set from the brand Hevea it's yours! It's another innovative bet of the next 2023 catalogue.

chill out garden furniture

There will be no better way to welcome your customers through a chill out garden as elegant and sophisticated as with this new collection. A perfect choice to give a contemporary touch to any place.

Natural is in!

If rural gardens are your thing, if you simply like to be surrounded by nature, or if you are a lover of rattan furniture. The new "Made in Spain" rattan collection is what you need right now. 

rattan furniture

Let's forget about the typical fragile rattan furniture. Times are changing and so are habits! It's time to start economising on resources and opt for quality products, more durable and with a guaranteed warranty.

Space for all!

If you like everyone to be able to join the party but you don't have much space. A corner table is the solution. A light, resistant option that adapts to any environment and with which you can also spend fantastic evenings with your loved ones, making the most of the space.

chill out garden furniture

Its customisable modules give you a soft but firm feeling and a high and comfortable sitting position to take care of your posture while you enjoy yourself, and you can choose the number of seats or reduce the number of seats.

A small but charming chill out terrace

Sometimes when we think about chill out garden furniture We imagine a huge space - and it doesn't have to be like that! As we always say, there's beauty in variety, and small terraces also have their place. In these cases, there are countless possibilities to make the most of any garden, balcony, terrace or porch.

small chill out terrace

An ideal choice that fits in with any environment without compromising on comfort is this fantastic set from the new 2023 collection. A modern style set characterised by its straight and minimalist lines.

Thanks to its high quality cushions, it offers a high sitting position with medium firmness. A star model with removable cushions thanks to its easily sliding zips.

Don't know where to start your project?

Contact our customer service department. We will study your case, prepare a customised offer and manufacture for your company.

At Hevea we are always committed to quality raw materials through zero kilometre products from sustainable material suppliers. Would you like to have a dream facility?  Download our aluminium catalogue and creates magical spaces.

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