Original table centrepieces for winter

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Winter is a time of year that brings us a wide range of possibilities for decorating our terraces. Temperatures drop and family get-togethers come to the surface in our homes.

And therefore, it becomes a good excuse to surprise your guests with a creative centrepiece with an elegant and sophisticated touch. In today's post, we'll show you how to make original table centrepieces. Keep reading!

There is nothing better than decorating with a precious decorative centrepiece for winter. Here you can see some perfect options for this season such as: bay leaves, dried fruits (nuts), candles and much more. In addition to being perfect options for decorating with natural elements, they are very easy to find and do not involve a great economic expense. 

Original centrepieces with laurel and pine

table centres

Collect some pine, fir and laurel leaves. Then create a base around the candle holder of your choice. As a finishing touch, add some colour with nuts or some eye-catching accessories. Now we have our sintered stone table ready!

Floral decoration for a dining table centrepiece

winter centrepieces

For our second dining table centrepiece We will place various branches, a cup of the desired colour, flowers and seeds. 

We will start by placing a cup in the centre of the aluminium table. Once this is done, we will add different types of branches (previously cut to the desired size). Finally we will add pine cones and a rose to highlight the centre.

An easy and simple centrepiece

original table centrepieces

For our second centrepiece we will place cypress branches, some glasses, pine cones, a vase and as a final touch dry branches to create contrast. 

First of all, we will place the glass vases in the centre of the table and then we will add our cypress leaves. Once this is done, we will proceed to cut small branches and place them in a medium sized glass container and that's it, we have a spectacular table!

Decorating a centrepiece for two people 

original table centrepieces

In our next sintered stone table We will place olive branches, some glasses and seeds collected from local trees. We will also need some plates, cutlery, napkins and mats for decoration.

First of all, we will place a flat plate in the centre of the table where we will place our candelabra. Once this is done, we will add the branches and seeds we have collected to the centrepiece one by one. 

Finally, place the cutlery and place mats in their corresponding places and proceed to roll up the cloth napkins and tie them with a ribbon. 

original table centrepieces

For our two-colour aluminium collection We will need some assorted branches, pinecones, candles and a glass vase.

We proceed to place a glass vase with dry branches. After finishing this task we will place the rest of the glass containers as we wish. Once this is done, we will gradually add our leaves. As a final touch we will place the pine cones where we see that it is necessary.

original table centrepieces

Let's go with our latest centrepiece of HPL! For this idea we will need a glass bowl, some candles and some dry branches.

We start by cutting our branches and placing them in a glass container to centre them. We place some nuts in a bowl and the remaining part we distribute along the centre of the table. Finally, we put a candle holder and ... Ready!

Which was your favourite centrepiece from our selection? It's hard to choose just one, isn't it? If you want to keep up to date with everything we publish  subscribe to our Youtube channel.

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