christmas table centrepieces

Decoration with christmas table centrepieces 

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Christmas is one of the most beautiful times of the year and a good excuse to enjoy decorating. christmas table centrepieces for the whole family. It is a holiday full of magic and life where you will be able to make wonderful centrepieces with natural arrangements personalised to share unforgettable moments.

Besides, creating them will give them an original and unique style thanks to you. That's why in today's post we'll show you how to dress your garden table  giving it a spectacular touch in keeping with the season.

Before getting down to work, it is necessary to take into account the tools and materials needed to make them, as well as some tips for their conservation. 

What tools do I need for my christmas table centrepiece?

To prevent our natural centrepiece from slipping off the table, it will be very helpful to get a silicone gun to prevent the most sensitive parts from falling apart. This tool is not essential to make our decorative centrepiece, but it will help a lot to hold it in one piece.

On the other hand, we will also need: Christmas balls to decorate, candles, Christmas lights, scissors, a flat rectangular plate, cloth napkins, thick thread to decorate, glasses, place mats and everything related to the cutlery we want to put in our Christmas table. outdoor table.

How to conserve table settings

There is nothing better than decorating with natural elements! But as everything comes to an end. That's why we recommend (after collecting the plants) spraying them with hairspray to create a protective coating to keep them looking shiny for longer. 

Table arrangements with rosemary and pine cones 

In the proposal in the image, the following have been placed as the basis of the centre of sintered stone table a few sprigs of rosemary on a flat plate. It is important that they stick out, so cut them into different lengths.

This centrepiece is an ideal option if you don't have a silicone gun, as it is mounted on a base so it won't come off so easily. To give it a special touch, add some pine cones, candles and Christmas balls to add some sparkle and colour, and that's it! christmas table centrepiece!


A centre for sintered stone table and red candles

Candles are always a good resource. Therefore, for this natural arrangement we will assemble a base with leaves and various branches. To give it a final touch we will add some pine cones and place 2 red candles in the centre.

As a last step, we place the necessary plates and cutlery on mats and roll up our napkins with a contrasting ribbon. 

Christmas table centrepiece with a aluminium table bicolour

In order to develop this aluminium table We will start by making our base with dry branches and fir leaves. Once they are in place, we will place our pine cones and Christmas balls on the second level. 

As a final step, place the remaining decorative elements in the same order: candles, Christmas lights, cutlery and crockery, place mats, etc. Our advice is that the Christmas lights should be of a warm tone.

Which centrepiece would you choose? We know how difficult it is to decide! Would you like to keep up to date with everything we publish?  Subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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