Guide to outdoor decoration trends, latest trends in outdoor decoration to inspire you to create unique and modern designs.

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1. Multifunctional Spaces

Modular furniture: Furniture that can be adapted to different needs.

Versatile lighting: Lighting that can be adjusted for different occasions.

Automatic irrigation systems: Irrigation that can be programmed for different plants.

Adaptable pergolas: Pergolas that can be adjusted for different uses.

Vertical gardens: Space-saving gardens that add visual interest.

2. Sustainability

Recycled materials: Furniture made from recycled materials.

Solar panels: Solar-powered lighting and irrigation systems.

Edible gardens: Gardens that produce fresh and healthy food.

Composting: Use of organic waste to fertilise the garden.

Native plantsPlants that do not require a lot of water or maintenance.

3. Bohemian Style

Cushions and upholstery in bright colours: Upholstery and cushions with vibrant patterns.

Hanging plants: Plants hanging from pots.

Thickly woven rugs and blankets: Rugs and blankets that add texture.

Rattan furniture: Wicker or rattan furniture for a bohemian look.

Decoration with candlelight: Candle lights to create a cosy atmosphere.

4. Modern Style

Minimalist design furniture: Furniture with clean and simple lines.

Illumination in geometric shapes: Lights in modern geometric shapes.

Design potted plants: Minimalist and modern potted plants.

Modern materials: Furniture made of metal or glass.

Neutral colour palettes: Neutral and minimalist colours for the design.

5. Mediterranean style

Wrought iron furniture: Furniture made of wrought iron.

Stone walls and floors: Natural stone walls and floors.

Fragrant plants: Plants with sweet fragrances.

Decoration with tiles: Brightly coloured tiles for decoration.

Furniture with mosaic details: Furniture with coloured mosaics for a Mediterranean look.

6. Zen gardens

Rocks and gravel: Rocks and gravel to create a zen look.

Bonsai trees: Miniature trees to create a zen garden.

Ponds and fountains: Ponds and fountains to add soothing sounds to the garden.

Subdued lighting: Subdued lighting to create a relaxed atmosphere.

Bamboo plants: Bamboo plants to add height and texture.

7. Beach Decoration

Bleached wooden furniture: Wooden furniture with a weathered appearance due to exposure to sun and water.

Coastal plants: Plants that grow in coastal climates, such as cacti and succulents.

Fabrics with beach prints: Cushions, curtains and other textiles with beach patterns, such as nautical stripes, starfish or shells.

Straw umbrellas: Umbrellas made of straw or palm for protection from the sun.

Hammocks: Hammocks to relax and enjoy the sea breeze.

8. Aluminium furniture

Modular sofas: Sofas and sectionals that can be configured in different ways to adapt to any space.

Aluminium sets and corner pieces in different colours: Aluminium furniture sets in various colours to add a touch of style to the outdoor space.

Floor lamps: Aluminium floor lamps to illuminate the outdoor space at night.

Extendable tables: Aluminium tables that can be extended to accommodate more people.

Aluminium Balinese beds: Aluminium beds for rest and relaxation in the outdoor space.

Aluminium sunshades: Sunshades made of aluminium for shade and protection from the sun.

Two-tone aluminium: Aluminium furniture in a combination of colours, such as anthracite, white and yellow, to create a modern and elegant look.

Dividing panels: Aluminium panels to divide living areas and create more privacy.

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