outdoor lighting

Guide to Outdoor Lighting and how lighting can enhance outdoor design and how outdoor furniture can complement lighting.

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outdoor lighting
  1. Understand space: Before you start designing lighting, it is important to understand the space. What aspects do you want to highlight? Where do you want to place the lighting? outdoor furniture and how will the space be used?

  2. Choose the right type of light: LED lights are a good choice for outdoors because they are energy efficient, durable and can provide different colour temperatures. In addition, warm light provides a cosy atmosphere, while white light is more functional.

  3. Create a focal point: You can create a focal point in the outdoor area with a pendant light or floor lamp. Choose a luminaire that complements the style of the outdoor furniture.

  4. Emphasise the details: Lighting is perfect for highlighting decorative elements outdoors, such as a fountain, a vertical garden or a sculpture.

  5. Add ambient lighting: Wall lights can provide ambient lighting while creating a cosy and elegant ambience.

  6. It creates shaded areas: Shadows are important to create different atmospheres. Use low level lights or ground lights to create shaded areas and enhance the beauty of outdoor furniture.

Examples of original outdoor lighting

  1. Rope lights: String lights can be a very versatile and original option for outdoors. You can hang them between trees or over a pergola to create a magical atmosphere.

  2. Paper lanterns: Paper lanterns are an original and inexpensive way to add light to an outdoor area. You can hang them from trees or structures.

  3. Solar table lamps: Solar table lamps are a practical and environmentally friendly option for outdoors. They do not require plugs and are charged by solar energy.

  4. Floating lights: Floating lights can be used to illuminate pools or fountains. They can be of different shapes and colours.

  5. Tree lighting: Lighting trees can be an original and elegant option. The lights should be placed at different points of the tree to highlight its beauty.

  6. Staircase lighting: Stair lighting can be a safe and stylish way to add light outdoors. Lights can be placed under the steps or on the wall.

Examples of waste lighting for the circular economy

  1. Lamps with recycled glass bottles: Glass bottles can be reused to create original lamps. They can be cut and shaped to fit a metal frame and a wire with a light bulb can be added to create a hanging lamp.

  2. Lanterns with tin cans: Empty tin cans can be reused to create outdoor lanterns. All you need to do is clean them, make a few holes with a punching tool, insert a candle inside and that's it. You can also paint and decorate them as you like.

  3. Lamps with reclaimed wood: If you have old wood from a construction project, you can reuse it to create a lamp. You just need to cut it into small pieces and put them together with screws or glue to create a structure. You can then add a wire with a light bulb to create a table or floor lamp.

  4. Fhoops with glass jars: Empty glass jars can be reused to create outdoor lanterns. You just need to clean them, add sand at the bottom to hold a candle and decorate the outside with stones, paint or ribbons. You can also hang them with string to create a hanging lantern.

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