A guide to practical and useful tips for terrace design and how to choose the right terrace furniture.

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  1. Know the space: Before starting to design the terrace, it is important to know the dimensions of the available space, as well as the orientation and any obstacles that may be present. may affect the light and ventilation.

  2. Define the style: Choose a decorating style that suits the client's needs and reflects their personality and lifestyle. Popular styles include minimalist, rustic, modern, bohemian and tropical.

  3. Plan distribution: Once you have defined the style, plan the layout of the outdoor space. Choose a focal point, such as a fireplace or fountain, and arrange furniture and plants around it.

  4. Choose the right materials: The materials you choose for garden furniture and terrace decoration must be durable and weather resistant. Aluminium is a popular material because of its durability, corrosion resistance and low maintenance.

  5. Combine furniture and accessories: Combine different types of furniture and accessories to create a cosy and inviting atmosphere. Cushions, rugs and lamps can add a touch of colour and texture to the terrace.

  6. Take advantage of the vegetation: Plants are an essential element in terrace decoration. Use plants of different sizes and textures to create a sense of depth and volume in the space.

  7. Consider lighting: Lighting is a key element in creating a warm and cosy atmosphere on the terrace. Use different types of lighting, such as floor lamps, wall lights and string lights, to create an interesting lighting effect.

  8. Add water elements: The presence of water features, such as a fountain or a waterfall, can help to create a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere on the terrace.

  9. Create distinct zones: If space permits, create different areas on the terrace, such as a dining area, a seating area and a reading area.

  10. Choose quality furniture: Choosing quality furniture is essential for a long-lasting and attractive terrace. Work with companies outdoor furniture manufacturersThe furniture is made of aluminium in particular, to ensure quality and durability.

Remember that terrace design is an opportunity to create a unique and attractive space that reflects the personality and lifestyle of the client.. Use these tips to create a welcoming and comfortable space that suits the client's needs and adds value to their home or business.

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