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How to choose fabrics for outdoor furniture?

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 fabrics for outdoor furniture

Choose fabrics for outdoor furniture At first glance, this may seem like a very simple task. However, what many people don't realise is that it can have a significant influence on the maintenance and durability of our outdoor furniture. 

At the time of choosing a fabric to cover a piece of furniture It is essential to pay attention to the properties of the material. It is not enough to choose one colour or another, as there are an infinite number of fabrics on the market. Each one of them is designed for a different use. This opens up a wide range of options. 

Below, we will look at some aspects to take into account in order to make the right choice.

Resistance to sun, moisture and stains

It is advisable that this type of fabrics are prepared to withstand direct exposure to the sun, as time takes its toll on many upholstery fabrics due to climatic factors. 

On the other hand, humidity is another agent that is present but can often go out of our heads. This problem is quite frequent in beach areas or places with furniture near swimming pools.

In these cases, an ideal choice of fabric is the dralon. A high quality synthetic fibre that thanks to its properties resists sunlight, sea water, stains, fungus and washing. Find it at our downloadable upholstery catalogue!

Dirt resistance 

If our priority is that our outdoor furniture remains intact, there are some fabric options that are stain, fungus, dust and anti-bacterial treated. At Hevea we recommend our collection Dralon Lux.

A high quality acrylic fabric with incredible performance making it an ideal choice for upholstering outdoor furniture that will be exposed to the elements.

No wrinkles Please!

Another aspect to take into account when choosing any fabric for our furniture is the possible appearance of wrinkles. 

In this case, it is best to go for a safe option such as the Superdralon. This is a variant of the two previous ones but more reinforced. A synthetic fibre with colours with maximum resistance to the sun's rays, without allergic pigments and anti-wrinkle and which also repels water.

Waterproof fabric for outdoor furniture

If what we are looking for is a waterproof fabric for outdoor furniture with a high waterproof rating the most recommended fabrics are: Palma, Star and Everdry.

 fabrics for outdoor furniture

Simple cleaning

Having to go to the dry cleaner's every time our upholstery is dirty to ensure its durability can be very expensive and can also be a real headache and sometimes have more disadvantages than advantages.

One of the benefits of opting for quality fabrics such as our Dralon collections, Dralon luxThe key to these super dralon, super dralon and waterproof fabrics is ease of cleaning. For this reason, these fabrics are an ideal choice for even domestic washing machines. Easily removable, with zips and quick-drying - what more could you ask for?

Upholstery for your outdoor furniture

If you are looking to renovate the upholstery of your outdoor furniture at Hevea we have a wide variety of designs, colours and textures. We manufacture for your project. Download here our tapestry catalogueeríasWould you like to meet us?

 You can contact us at info@hevea.es Do you have more questions? You can call us on 968 85 69 50. 

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