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Modern pergolas to decorate terraces and gardens

In the middle of summer, high temperatures make being outdoors a real challenge in the sun. That's why many outdoor areas are crying out for a change in order to be enjoyed. 

In today's post, we show you how to transform any outdoor space into a welcoming and pleasant place with modern pergolas for terraces.

Modern pergolas with awning or fixed roof: Model Venecia

This type of model of simple garden pergolas have a simple, minimalist design. They are mainly characterised by an awning made of weather-resistant materials to provide permanent shade and protection. 

modern pergolas

Venice is a modern pergola aluminium which is characterised mainly by being an easy-to-install model. It is therefore an ideal option for making the most of the space in any living area.hill out. Thanks to its high quality aluminium frame and textilene canopy, it is a durable and affordable option for the general public. 

In addition, the technical and physical characteristics of your awning mean that it requires less maintenance compared to other awning models. patio pergolas metallic. However, its versatility is limited in areas with snow, hail or heavy frosts due to the accumulation of snow on its roof.

Modern retractable pergolas: Model Boston

The Boston garden pergola has an elegant design and a retractable textilene awning that distinguishes it from other pergolas. pergolas in gardens or swimming pool. Its high quality aluminium structure and removable awning resist the sun's rays without sacrificing breathability, allowing it to be opened and closed easily and comfortably to enjoy the outdoors all year round.

In contrast to the previous model, this option is recommended by our outdoor furniture factoryThe retractable system allows the awning to be removed in the event of adverse weather conditions, thus avoiding accumulations of snow or water.

aluminium pergolas for terraces
patio pergolas

Pergolas fixed to the ground: Model Kavana

Its design is mainly characterised by an anchoring system to improve the ground anchoring of the pergola to the ground. Thanks to this, it is possible to guarantee its stability and safety during use.

Like the first model, it has a fully customisable fixed textilene awning.

How to decorate a garden pergola?

Decorating a garden pergola is an excellent way to add an extra touch to any outdoor room. Here are a few tips to give any garden or terrace an elegant and sophisticated look, get inspired by our  photos of pergolas made in Spain!

Garden furniture for gardens with pergolas

Comfortable and durable garden furniture is a must for your relaxation corner, such as a outdoor rope sofa, Balinese beds, professional parasols for terraces, custom-made cushions

modern pergolas
Sovervil Collection: Diva Model

Decorating pergolas with planters and flower pots

The decoration of pergolas with planters is an excellent method of integrating nature and design, as well as creating welcoming outdoor environments. Planters can add a splash of colour, texture and fragrance, as well as providing an opportunity to grow your favourite plants and flowers.

Garden planter

Decoration of outdoor pergolas with curtains

Install awnings or curtains on both the top and sides of the pergola for a cool and enveloping experience.

Decorating outdoor pergolas with LED lights

Decorating pergolas with solar led lights is a sustainable and environmentally friendly option as they do not require an external energy source. They also help to create an intimate and familiar atmosphere to enjoy memorable moments outdoors.

In short, the gardens with pergolas are a great way to make the most of all kinds of outdoor spaces and enjoy the sun's rays. Fixed, retractable or ground fixed awning options provide versatility and durability, adapting to different needs and preferences. At the same time, the decoration of pergolas with planters and solar led lights add a touch of nature and create a cosy atmosphere, allowing you to enjoy special moments outdoors both day and night.

We materialise your ideas for garden pergolas

Would you like to create the perfect corners for your projects with modern pergolas? Contact our outdoor furniture factory and request your quote. We offer tailor-made solutions to professionals in the sector, guaranteeing results for your clients.

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