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Why use aluminium furniture for the terrace or garden?

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Choose garden furniture At first glance, this may appear to be a very simple task.

But before making this decision, many factors need to be taken into account. For example: the suitability of the parts for outdoor environments, the resistance of the materials, their quality etc. In this aspect, it plays an important role whether or not the outdoor furniture is going to be exposed to inclement weather. In today's post we will tell you everything you need to know about the aluminium furnitureThe new trend that is here to stay! Let's take a look at its advantages! 

Advantages of aluminium outdoor furniture 

#1. Goodbye to rust!

Thanks to its properties, it is an ideal choice for both the most humid and the driest and hottest environments, including brackish environments. 

In beach areas, many objects and other metallic elements tend to rust. In this sense, aluminium is a material that resists well to any climatic factor, thus prolonging its durability over time.  

Enjoying magnificent evenings together with the swimming pool is not a problem to talk about when it comes to furniture made of this type of material. It is a perfect choice for a country house, beach house, villa, flat or penthouse. You can use it in a country house, beach house, villa, flat or penthouse. aluminium terrace table will no longer rust!

aluminium garden chairs

#2. Feather-light aluminium furniture

Another characteristic of aluminium is its lightness. A quality that makes it very easy to move, clean and even reposition to change the arrangement of the furniture easily. Thanks to this, aluminium furniture is the new trend for many professionals.

It is undoubtedly one of the most hygienic materials, which is why it is used not only in the construction industry, but also in the construction industry. terrace furniture but also for interiors in sectors such as the hospitality industry. In addition, it is almost maintenance-free.

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#3. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use

The attractiveness of aluminium furniture has made it a trend in recent years, making it an avant-garde choice. 

It is furniture of varied aesthetics that is very easy to integrate and combine with different materials and that can also be combined with many garden complements.

One of the most demanded materials nowadays due to its great versatility. It lends itself to both aluminium garden chairs as for a coffee table.

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#4. Best value for money

At first glance, an aluminium piece of furniture may seem a little more expensive than other materials with which it is made. outdoor furniture is manufactured. However, it is still a material with a long service life, and over the years it recovers the value of the investment made.

A timeless product that never goes out of fashion and with which a perfect finish is achieved to decorate both rustic environments and urban homes and to create elegant styles. 

Unlike other materials such as resin or synthetic fibre over time, they eventually wear out and break down due to weathering such as direct exposure to sunlight or humidity. 

aluminium furniture


How can I tell if my furniture is made of aluminium?

Aluminium is a non-ferromagnetic metal. This means that it does not magnetically attract magnets. 

We can often find garden sets very cheap but with little information about the product and where it comes from. In these cases... We have something for you! The magnet experiment!

If you already have a metal piece of furniture, you can check if it is made of aluminium by doing the magnet experiment. To verify that it is aluminium, you only have to put a magnet on the structure of the furniture. If it does not stick, it is aluminium.

At Hevea We always use the best quality materials for our products. You still don't know our wide range of aluminium furniture? Here is our aluminium catalogue and create unique spaces for your home.

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