Outdoor covers made to measure


Outdoor covers made to measure

Since 1990 we have been dedicated to the manufacture of all types of garden furniture and made-to-measure outdoor covers  to ensure the protection and durability of the structure of all our products.

All our custom-made outdoor covers are manufactured in Spain with high quality materials.

Take measurements and photographs

Show us your outdoor furniture so that we can make suitable covers.

Choose the type of cover

You can choose from our fabric covers: Alpha, Beta or Gamma,

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We will contact you to provide you with a quotation.

Made to measure fabrics for outdoor covers

Outdoor covers made to measure


  • Outdoor cover with medium waterproof rating.
  • Recommended for use under a porch.
  • Ideal for protection against dirt, animals, etc.
  • Dark colour.
Outdoor covers made to measure


  • High degree of waterproofing.
  • Outdoor cover made to measure with anti-mould and mildew treatment.
  • Resistant to bird droppings.
  • Lacquered on 1 side.
  • Grey colour.
Outdoor covers made to measure


  • Waterproof grade 100%.
  • With anti-stain, anti-fungal and anti-mould treatment.
  • Guaranteed for outdoor products.
  • Total resistance to any atmospheric agent.
  • Light beige colour.
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