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professional parasols for terraces

Terrace parasols manufactured in Spain

Since 1990 we have been engaged in the production of professional parasols for terracesThis has provided us with valuable experience as sunshade manufacturers.

Thanks to our constant innovation, we have succeeded in developing a broad range of terrace parasols specially designed to meet the needs of professionals.

Terrace umbrella models

All our parasols for terraces are made of aluminium and the best aluminium laser welding technology, which allows us to offer a high quality, durable and neater product.


Personalised sunshades for terraces

Our parasols for terraces manufactured in Spain, they are characterised by their customisation in terms of the colour of the structure and the awning, as well as having reinforced rods and windbreaks.

+ 10 awning colours available

Structure colours

structure colour
structure colour
structure colour
structure colour

Replacement parts at any time

Our sunshade factory offers you all kinds of parts and spare parts to guarantee and extend the life of our products.

Why our sunshade factory?

For more than 30 years we have been dedicated to the manufacture of professional parasols for terraces and thus be able to invest and innovate in a facility that with the best aluminium laser welding technology to offer our designer outdoor furniture to the professional.


The best professional parasols

Sunshades are indispensable elements in the outdoor areas of hospitality venues. They protect surfaces exposed to inclement weather and offer customers a more comfortable environment by blocking the sun's rays and providing shade on hot days.

Our sunshade factory profesionales offers you the best solution for all types of outdoor environments. We adapt our entire range of professional umbrellas to the specific needs of your business.

Professional parasols
Do you need a parasol factory?

With Hevea you can enjoy all the advantages of working directly with the manufacturer and take advantage of our more than 30 years of experience in professional umbrellas.

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Frequently asked questions

We manufacture a wide variety of models of terrace parasols to cover all your sun protection needs.

We offer sunshades with a side stand, swivel base, refillable aluminium bases and tilting roof.

For the cleaning and maintenance of any terrace umbrellaIt is recommended to use a soft, damp cloth.

It is preferable to use protective covers for the products to maintain the quality and appearance of the structure. outdoor sunshade.

The production lead time of our professional parasols for terraces and parasol bases takes approximately 10-15 days from the time the order is placed.

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