Pergola manufacturers

Being pergola manufacturers we offer professionals a wide range of customisation possibilities for all our products. pergolas for terraces.

Models of aluminium pergolas for terraces

Each of our aluminium pergolas for terraces is built to withstand all types of outdoor environments thanks to the use of the best aluminium laser welding technology and high quality Qualicoat paint. As pergola manufacturers we provide you with the security you need by selecting certified materials.

pergola manufacturers

Kavana aluminium pergola

Fixed awning of textilene. 

Option of refillable stone and/or sand planters up to 25 kg each (total 100 kg)

Available sizes:

300x300x250H/ 400x300x250H.

aluminium pergolas for terraces

Boston prefabricated pergola

Retractable awning made of textilene. Option of refillable planters with stone and/or sand up to 25 kg each (total 100 kg).

 Available sizes:

300x300x250H/ 400x300x250H.

aluminium pergolas for terraces

Aluminium pergola Venice

Fixed awning of textilene. 

Option without planters.

(Anchorage for attaching legs to the floor optional)

Available sizes:

300x300x250H/ 400x300x250H.


Your reliable pergola manufacturers

Contact us directly. For more than 30 years we have been manufacturing all types of prefabricated pergolas aluminium for more than 30 years.

Finishes for prefabricated pergolas

structure colour
structure colour
structure colour
structure colour

Why do we recommend custom-made aluminium pergolas?

When it comes to acquiring pergolas for terraces In professional projects, it is common for many clients to have doubts about which is the best option. 

  • Resistant and provide protection against UV rays.
  • Tolerates climatic changes.
  • It is maintenance and cleaning.
  • They adapt to any environment.
  • Durable


Do you need a tailor-made project?

We manufacture made-to-measure pergolas  Find out about all the customisation possibilities in our online configurator.

Accessories for custom-made aluminium pergolas

Aluminium planter

Stainless aluminium planter 45x50x40H. Customisable colour.

Aluminium boot

Aluminium stainless steel boot 65x130x65H.

Suitable for outdoor use with sliding doors 180x85x165H. 

aluminium garden cupboard

Frequently asked questions

For proper maintenance of a aluminium pergolaIf it is not, it is necessary to clean it regularly to preserve its appearance, functionality and durability over time. 

The use of abrasive products is not recommended for the cleaning of any kind of prefabricated pergola as it may damage the surface.

Like pergola manufacturers we offer both retractable and fixed awnings for all our awnings. made-to-measure aluminium pergolas.

For a practical design it is essential to take into account the space in which the pergola will be placed, the use and orientation to the sun, as well as the climate to determine if it requires a ground support mechanism for all types of weather. pergolas for terraces.

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